Set Files to Read/Write

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This window opens when you operate the File -- Advanced -- Special Functions Utility menu and then Set Files Read/Write from the subsequent Special Functions menu.

It lists all file classes (other than Closed or Memory) in the program showing their default status. The default status is the status that the file is in on startup. Only in special circumstances is this not Readonly.

Typically, in normal operation of the program a file is only temporarily set to Readwrite when a data record is to be inserted, edited or deleted and then returned to Readonly after the operation. This approach minimises record locking on the server and prevents inadvertent data change.

However, some activities are prevented when files are in Readonly mode. In particular this is the case when importing data using the Import Data function from the Tools menu of the Omnis Studio design edition.

In such cases this window should be used to selectively set files into Readwrite mode. You should then leave this window open while the activity, such as importing, takes place. When closing the window all files are reset to their default startup status automatically.

Warning WARNING: If you change any settings, DO NOT undertake any normal program activity until you close this window.



Export fields in quotes

If checked fields will be exported with double-quote characters at each end. This is the default for most standards.

Select Selected to Read/Write

Click to set the selected files to Read/Write status.

Reset All Files to Default

Click to reset the status of all files to their default (startup) setting.

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Document path Reference Contents > Advanced Special Functions > Set Files to Read/Write