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This window is available to export Marketing, Customer and Supplier data in a form that can be imported into Palm III organiser software.

The Palm III organiser is a hand held personal organiser that comes complete with Windows software and an intelligent synchroniser that maintains your databases in line on both the organiser and on your desktop computer.

However, often you will find that you maintain most of your data on Caliach Vision data files. This special user feature enables you to populate your Palm III address book database from Caliach Vision data. This involves creating transfer files that can be imported into your Palm III desktop database and then synchronised to your Palm III hand held unit.

The Palm III does not key addresses as in conventional databases, so if you import the same data twice, two copies of each address will result. As a consequence, you should ensure that data transferred from Caliach Vision is maintained only in Caliach Vision and set to separate categories in the Palm III database. This will enable you to delete that data easily in the Palm III database before importing a refreshed set of data from Caliach Vision.

You can select subsets of Marketing, Customer and Supplier data. A further button lists the data mapping for each. Note that with Palm III software you cannot import a mixture of categories. Each time you import a set of data, you set the category for all that data by selecting a category first. As a result, you may well want to export multiple sub-sets of data.

There is a Private feature in Palm III which means that records can only be viewed if a password has been entered. An individual record can be made private if the word PRIVATE is typed anywhere in the comments field. Alternatively, all records exported can be set to Private if the checkbox is set.



Set all to Private

Sets all exported records to Private regardless of there being a word PRIVATE in comments texts.



Export Marketing Data

Exports data from Marketing Contacts.

Export Customer Data

Exports data from Customers.

Export Supplier Data

Exports data from Suppliers.

Data Mappings

Provides you with details of field mappings.

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