General Ledger Cost Centre Maintenance

General Ledger Cost Centre Maintenance

Cost Centres are mandatory to create General Ledger Accounts. The true G/L account code is a combination of an account and cost centre. You must setup the cost centre code before they can be used. To add a cost centre, tab out of the end of the last line in the list.

Note NOTE: When a new data file in initialised, a default Cost Centre of 0000 code is created automatically. You can change the code if no account exists with that code.

You can add a default report line using drag and drop from the General Ledger Report Structure Tree window.




Ledgers G/L Cost Centres. Cost centre code. {GLCFILE.GLCCODE char 4}


Ledgers G/L Cost Centres. Description. {GLCFILE.GLCDESC char 30}

Default report line

Ledgers G/L Cost Centres. Default report line id (Blank or valid RBPID). {GLCFILE.GLCRBPI char 4}

Report heading

G/L Report Layout. Heading for report. {RBPFILE.RBPHEAD char 40}




To print a full listing of cost centres.

Show Tree

To open a tree list of the report structure. See the General Ledger Report Structure Tree window.


To revert any changes to the previously saved version.


To save the changes you have made to the data file.

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