Transaction Allocation Review

Transaction Allocation Review

How Allocations Work

When you place a credit on a customer or supplier account, being typically a payment from a customer or to a supplier, you need to identify which debit or debits that payment was for. The process of linking one or more debits to a credit is known as allocation.

The allocation process can be manual or automatic. The manual process is generally done by selecting the credit line in the transaction list together with any number of debit lines with amounts due. You then use the Allocate a Credit button.

Each debit and credit is assigned a unique allocation serial number. The system will then create an allocation file record for each debit. In these records are the debit allocation serial number and the associated credit's serial number. These serial numbers are also stored in originating transaction records. With the resulting cross-reference table produced, the system can thereafter identify exactly which invoices have been paid by which payment.

Review Allocations

To view an account's transaction allocations in detail double-click on the allocation icon 15032 column in the accounts review or other list.



List of credits

List of all credit allocations in the listed account.

List of debits

List of all debit allocations in the listed account.

List of allocations

List of allocations for the credit or debit selected in one of the lists above. You can edit the comment in the list.

Tip TIP: To edit cells in the list, select the line and click in the cell and hover the mouse over the cell. I.E. click once and pause with no mouse movement. The cell will then expand into an editable box in which you can enter different data. On leaving the box with any action like a tab or click elsewhere, the data is verified and the list returns to normal with the new data shown in the cell.

Unallocated in currency

The unallocated amount in transaction currency for the credit selected in the upper list.

Unallocated local

The unallocated amount in local currency for the credit selected in the upper list.



Print Allocation

To print a report of the account allocations.

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