Capacity Planning Run Selection

Capacity Planning Run Selection

To undertake Capacity Planning select any function from the Capacity Planning hierarchical menu in the Process main menu. Once an analysis has been processed the results remain in your workstation as long as the capacity planning task Capacity Planning remains visible in the task toolbar. To re-run an analysis select the Run Capacity Analysis menu function. For an introduction into Capacity Planning see the Capacity Planning menu topic.

Operation scheduling will apply to your selection of un-kitted, kitted, backflushed and/or MRP forecast Work Orders and/or Job Operations providing Kit-To, Work Centre Load and Make-To listings and reports. The results of analysis are not saved in the data file.



Analysis extent date

Enter the extent to which results will be presented. I.E. the final date to which results will be shown.

Un-kitted Work Orders

To include operations from normal WOs as yet un-kitted.

Kitted Work Orders

To include operations from normal WOs that have been kitted.

Backflushed Work Orders

To include operations from Backflushed WOs.

Job Operations

To include operations from Jobs.

MRP Forecast Work Orders up to:

To include operations from MRP forecast WOs up to the entered date.

If you choose to include MRP forecast Work Orders, you may limit the extent of the calendar that is included. If limited, recommended orders for completion up to the date entered will be included in the analysis.

MRP forecast date

Enter the date limit for MRP forecast Work Orders.

or working days

Enter the limiting number of active Make days in the calendar for MRP forecast Work Orders.




Aborts the process currently in session. The keyboard equivalent is the Esc key for Windows computers and Command-.(full stop or period) for the Mac.


To run the capacity planning analysis. The data is collected and held in memory. When the Capacity task closes you loose the data.

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