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File Main Menu

Provides various ancillary functions and support operations for the system.




Login Login as Different User

You can log out of the system re-logon under an alternative User ID and Password and/or Database.


Open Navigator Open Navigator

Opens the Navigator window or brings it forward.


Message Box Message Box

The Message Box provides a system for transmitting text messages to other users of the program elsewhere on your network.


Team Calendar Team Calendar

The Team Calendar is a multi-user calendar in which you can manage your time in consultation with other team members and other resources.


English Program Language

Select from the menu of languages to use on windows, menus, reports, etc. See Program Language Menu for more datails of how the Program Language features work.


Improve the Program Translation Improve the Program Translation

For non-English editions, you can improve the language translation and contribute to on-going community improvements. This requires that you are connected to the Internet. It opens the Crowd-Source Language Improvement window.


Report Destination Report Destination

Reports from the system can be directed to various devices, such as the printer or screen.
See also hierarchical menu Report Destinations Menu


Page Setup Page Setup

To set the default page setup for reports. Individual reports may have specific page setups that apply.


Print Report from Disk Print Report from Disk

Enables you to print a report that was previously sent to the Disk report destination.


Special User Reports Special User Reports

Provides access to any Special User Report that may have been set up in the User Preferences for this terminal.


Ad Hoc Reports Ad Hoc Reports

Installs or removes the Reports menu onto the menu bar and gives you access to the DBMS Ad Hoc Report generator.


Graphs Ad Hoc Graphs (Old Type)

To view or design an Ad Hoc Graph of data. This opens the Graphical Analysis window.


Workflow Alert Checks Run a Workflow Alert Check

Enables you to list or print one of your workflow alert checks. This opens the Workflow Alert Checks Selection window. You must first have set up some checks in the Workflow Alert Checks Maintenance window.


Run Key Performance Indicators Run Key Performance Indicators

You will be offered a list of Key Performance Indicators to select for presentation.


Restart Program Restart Program

Reinitialises the program and requires that you to re-enter your identification. This function is sometimes called for when you have abandoned activities that cause the system to loose control.


Change Data File Change Data File

This enables you to select an alternative database from that currently shown on the background window.


Preferences Preferences

Preferences and other settings.
See also hierarchical menu Preferences Menu


System Manager System Manager

System Manager functions.
See also hierarchical menu Manager Menu


Advanced Advanced

Advanced functions menu. Many have a serious impact on the data, so great care is needed with these functions.
See also hierarchical menu Advanced Menu


Exit Exit

To logoff the data and exit or quit the program entirely.


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