General Ledger Simple Transaction

General Ledger Simple Transaction

This function is used for all G/L account to account transactions. You select the account which will be debited and then the account to be credited. You can use drag and drop from the G/L Scratchpad to select the accounts.

Transaction process

G/L Transaction

Type 001


Gross only

to G/L debit a/c


Gross only

to G/L credit a/c



Debit value

Ledger Transactions. Gross value in account currency. {TRAFILE.TRAGROSF num 2dp}

Period dropdown list

Select alternative for posting in a future G/L period.

Document reference

Ledger Transactions. Document reference. {TRAFILE.TRADOCR char 15} NOTE: Document Reference values can not be between "XX-000000" and "XX-999999" where XX is either ASS, CA, CH, CR or IN, as these are reserved for the system.

Transaction date

Ledger Transactions. Date of transaction. {TRAFILE.TRADATE date date1980}


Ledger Transactions. Comments on transaction. {TRAFILE.TRACOMM char 30}



Post Transaction

To post to file a transaction that will debit the upper account and credit the lower account.

When a transaction involves the Tax Control Account the Tax Transaction Details window will be brought forward.

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