Terminal Preferences

Terminal Preferences

This window enables you to maintain your terminal options. Terminal options are held in the Terminal.inf file which is in the Terminal directory that must be local to the Vision.lbs library file.



Terminal Option List

Option listing - you can change those applicable and the value assigned to them. You can drag and drop options from the Program Options Listing window which you open using the Show Options List button.

Option Name

The name of the option. All program options that have any effect on the operation of the program have a designated name. You can use the Program Options Listing window to enter the name using drag and drop.


The value for the option. Typically most options have an on/off state best entered as 0 or 1.


Pre-loaded help associated with valid options that have been entered. The help is actually stored and strings with a string code of the option name.



Show Options List

Opens the Program Options Listing window of available options. Dragging an option from there will install it.

Cancel Changes

Recovers settings saved in Terminal.inf file.

Apply Changes

Applies settings and saves them in the Terminal.inf file.

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