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It is easy enough to put a name on the cover of a book, far harder to
justify it. So many people helped me with such generosity it was, at
times, almost overwhelming.

This book would not have appeared without Adam Winter of First
Editions. His backing, enthusiasm and constant encouragement were
invaluable and made the whole project possible. Ruby, his young
daughter, was a endless source of charm and delight.

Others made enormous contributions and in no particular order I would
like to thank: Carol Gouldstone, Lieutenant Colonel Thomas of the
ABDF, Wolfgang Stock of the CRC, Commissioner Goodwin of the Antigua
and Barbuda Police, Dr Nick Fuller and The Nicole, Kelvin Punter and
the MV Enterprise, Captain David Snelson of HMS Liverpool, Tim
deGarve, Russell, Melanie Etherington, the Antigua Barbuda
Philharmonic and their sponsors Jumby Bay, Gerard Bento, Gloria
Valentine, Lindy Burton, the Museum of Antigua and Barbuda, Marc
de-Verteuil, Liza Blau-Robinson, Sven Harder, Photogenesis, Anthony
Mooney, Lynn Lockhart, Calvin S., the Antigua and Barbuda Society of
and for the Blind, Dr Zhenhua Tang, Dr Michael Saltman, John
Mussington, Photographic Techniques in London, Winston Derrick and
Natalie White of the Observer, Tim Hector of the Outlet and Mitzi
Allen of the Antigua Sun.

For the daunting task of editing thousands of images into the few that
you see here Jonathan Slatter and Max Alexander took on the job with
great skill and tact. Kodak Professional were exceptionally generous
with their support and technical help. Nicky Bolster, Sean Magee and
Ken Hyder and provided invaluable help and advice while proof reading
the introduction.

Michael Bourne of Macmillan Caribbean took the decision to commission
this work and stuck with the project with unfailingly support. I could
not have found a more sympathetic or imaginative commissioning editor
than Nick Gillard of Macmillan Caribbean. Helen Ewing’s superb design
skills produced the marvellous layout you see here.

Despite all this help no single book can do justice to the people of
Antigua and Barbuda so any errors and omissions are entirely mine.
But the majority of my gratitude is reserved for the co-operation of
those that appear on these pages. I discovered that the people of
Antigua and Barbuda were always kind and helpful to a stranger with a
camera in their midst. This is their book.

Paul Ross, London, March 1998.

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