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Independence Day

Antiguans are very proud of thier independence and independence day is probably the most important holiday apart from the carnival. On independence day I went to Ffryes Beach as it was my favorite beach and one that few tourists know about.

There was just local families there enjoying the day off and, by coincidence I knew one of them, so we had a wonderful time.

Families playing in the surf of Antigua's best hidden beach - it doesn't get more fun than this.

Technical Note

One of the problems with recording the beautiful light in Antigua is that naked film does not do it justice as the richness of the sky gets washed out. The normal trick for a photograper is to polarise the sky and to get the level right is quite hard as it is awfully easy with good polarising filters to overdo this (cheap polarisers are not really a problem). With hindsight I probably over-cooked this one but I still think that it makes a fine shot.

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