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Montserat Explodes

While I was working in Antigua the volcano at Montserat, about 30 miles away, was exploding about twice a day. Late one afternoon I was given a lift home by a friend of mine who had just picked up his four year old daughter from school.

He and I were just chatting until his daughter suddenly said "Daddy, look behind, monster-at is exploding." I turned round to see a clear sky with the last edge of the sunset and the volcano cloud boiling up over the horizon. I knew that where we lived was on top of a small rise and would have an excellent view but the light was fading fast. "Get going" I yelled at him "lets get home right now." We roared down the last bumpy track with me yelling "go faster, go faster" and I jumped out of the still-moving vehicle and raced up to the roof.

Only just but it was still there; the cloud and the sunset. As I started shooting I pulled back to give it some context. Then I noticed the cresent moon high in the sky.

That was the picture.

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