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Football riots return to London

The European football championships, Euro 96, was held in the UK. Tens of thousands of fans enjoyed an exciting series that culminated in Germany beating Czech Republic on Sunday June 30th. England was defeated by Germany in the semi-final in probably the finest and certainly the closest game of the championship. The game was 1-1 at the final whistle and both teams played dramatic and risky football during the 30 minute sudden death extra time with no additional score. Both teams survived the five penalty shoot-out but England succumbed to the subsequent sudden death penalty.

Sadly this defeat gave the opportunity to a tiny minority of thugs to create trouble in several urban centres. These are the pictures of the riot of around 400 hooligans in London's Trafalgar Square.

Reproduced courtesy the London Evening Standard.

Attacks on the Press

There were several deliberate attacks on the Press during this riot. FOr one I was attacked three times. Read the story here.

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