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Fat, Fourty and Back - The Sex Pistols Return!

The Sex Pistols played their comeback concert in Finsbury Park on June 23rd. As Johnny Rotten said "Fat, 40 and back!" In the old days it was routine for the Sex Pistols and the audience to spit at everyone, especially photographers. But life moves on. The worst that happend to me is someone threw the contents of a bottle of Evian in my face. From saliva to overpriced French mineral water, a suitable metaphor for generational change.

My photographs reproduced courtesy the London Evening Standard.

Links (probably a bit dated)

Louie Favorite's photographs of the original line-up taken on January 5th 1978 in Atlanta during their first US concert.

Christoph Bernd Ulrich e-mailed me with a list of Sex Pistols memorbilia. You can e-mail him for his current list.

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